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Mutant Sounds Blog Revives as Dublab’s Mutant Sounds Radio

Matt eric

The former Mutant Sounds blog authors and musical collaborators of Ariel Pink, Brad Laner and Mercury Rev present Mutant Sounds Radio with Vas Deferens Organization, our new show on Dublab, offering a guided and highly selective tour through outrageous audio innovations from the last 50 years of sentient music making. The show’s intention is to be many things:

                                            A Pirate Utopia In A Panopticon
                                        A Magic Carpet Ride On A Pulled Rug
                           An Auditory Suppository For Dilating Your Third Eye 
                           An Electronic Cattle Prod For Domesticated Primates
                   An Escape Hatch For Heads And A Head Scratch For Squares

                                                                                                    See you on the other side…